I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, a community north of Los Angeles. I am
an only child and was adopted at five weeks old.

When I was eleven or twelve I read “The Psychology of CG Jung” by Jolande
Jacobi. And thus began my interest in depth psychology. A seed was planted.
I moved to New Orleans in 1977 where I finally “grew up” and finished my
undergraduate degree. Here I attend my first Intensive Journal Workshop. This
became a daily practice along with meditation. In 1979 I also met my partner,

In 1983 we moved to San Diego and I completed the Community-Based Block
Program in Counselor Education through San Diego State University. This
particular program appealed to me as its focus was on diversity, multiculturalism,
and community-based work.

I did do community-based work, serving the chronically, mentally ill, the
homeless, the dually-diagnosed, and persons with HIV and AIDS, and youth who
were wards of the court. Since 1999 I have been in private practice.
My cosmology has evolved, moving away from childhood Catholicism and
towards Buddhism and non-dualistic thought. I now understand spirituality as
a sense of meaning and purpose. Through the years I have facilitated and
organized workshops and retreats for both clients and friends. A future dream
is to have my own workshop space that may be a part of an intentional living
community. I hope to devise workshops that will include meditation, journaling,
Internal Family Systems’ Parts work, psychodrama, and dreamwork.