The Intensive Journal Method

This is a structured approach to journaling that comes out of depth psychology.
Ira Progoff, who collaborated with Carl Jung over a period of years, devised this
method in the 1960s and I have been a practitioner since the late 1970s.


Throughout my adult life I have had a daily practice of mediation with formal
training in Transcendental Meditation, The RISE Meditation, Vipassana
Meditation, Centering Prayer and various other practices.. I honor the client
wherever she or he has come from, that is, a particular faith tradition, spiritual
practice, humanism, agnosticism, or atheism. There are many other activities
that can constitute a practice: jogging, listening to music, dance, art, reading,
swimming, surfing. It is about finding what fits.

IFS (Internal Family Systems)

I have discovered this to be one of the most useful therapeutic tools in
my toolbox. It is a compassionate, depathologized approach which is very
compatible and lends itself to adjunct practices of journaling and meditation.
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